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Rules and such

+ You must apply within 24 hours of joining. We don't want any lurkers.
+ Before being stamped do not comment on any entries but your own.
+ Please put 'Do I make you go 'rawr'?' in the subject line so we know you read the rules.
+ Fill out the WHOLE application. No acceptions
+ DO NOT argue with members or you will be eatin alive by a dinosaur and yo ass will be banned.
+ promote us and leave a comment on the entry where you got the banner here @ dino_x_core_2
+ Once you're stamped, be an honest voter. Don't hold back. If you can't take criticism then leave or don't even apply.
+ be active and participate in themes.
+ you will need 5 yes's/no's to be accepted or rejected

Application Code. Yeah we made it easy