Lydia (lydiabobydia) wrote in dino_x_core,

Do I make you go 'rawr'?


name: Lydia
age: 16
marriage status: im not married but i have a boyfriend
tell us about yourself (extensive): i live in naples fl, but i actually like it here. i put sunblock on my left arm when i drive because i get burned really easily, and the van offers no protection to my pale left arm. my cats name is doug, and he comes when you call him, and i take him out for walks. i eat in the shower when im late, and i have to speed up the beauty process (i sometimes i use it as an excuse because its kinda fun). everyone calls my van the sex van, and on my dashboard i have a pony and a dinosaur. i dont paint my finger or toe nails. i rub my hair on my face for comfort. people call me a closet fat kid. i enjoy going onto 5th ave and dancing for people, i do a mean m.j. impression. i use stetson deodorant. i love wheat thins, wild cherry pepsi, and cool green apple gum. i call my closest friends "meat". i never have any money, so for special occassions, i just make a shirt. i work at pet supermarket with the bunnies and ferrets. i aksed my boyfriend out by saying "hey are you ever gonna ask me out? i mean seriously!". i own 27 pairs of shoes and i only wear 3. im a girly girl, and i always wear make up and do my hair. i like dressing up for school. and every tuesday at my school is a different theme day. well, w/ me and my friends it is. last week was western day. unfortunately i do smoke, camel turkish golds. i think blow fish kissing is cute and at the same time gross. what is a blow fish kiss you may ask? this..

im on the left

what makes you dinolicious?: dinos dig me?
biggest flaw (not physical): i let people take advantage of me.
best quality: i make sandwichs for my friends at lunch.

10 bands (atleast): first and foremost..queen. after that, jellyfish, dispatch, rilo kiley, tripping daisy, mars volta, spice girls (i still love them), rufus wainwright (not really a band but hey), modest mouse, jason mraz, beatles, jack johnson, and the cranberries.
5 movies (atleast): sleepless in seattle, hedwig and the angry inch, elf, anchorman, and an affair to remember.
3 books: hypocrite in a pouffy white dress, the devil wears prada, invisible monsters
TV shows: corner gas, little britain, family guy, power girls, monty python (episode 2 is the best thing ive ever seen), pee wee playhouse (just because he touches himself doesn't mean hes not funny) and the simpsons.
Mmmm. cereal: CINNAMON LIFE IS GODS GIFT TO THE PEASANTS. (i will never mispell peasant after my teacher last year told me to remember peas ants. i thought it wouldn't work, but it did)
stores: american eagle has the best jeans. and honestly, the rest of my clothes are just my friends hand me downs.

how did you hear about dino_x_core? (if by a member, leave username): another dinosaur community.
make us smile. pronto:
joke. now. please. thanks: i dont know jokes, but heres a picture to make you laugh..the truth about pandas.

2 promos:
atleast 4 pictures:

paint us a dinosaur. 123 go:

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