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Do I make you go 'rawr'?


name: valerie
age: 13
marriage status: single.
tell us about yourself (extensive): i am a pessimistic ass whole from texas. i say i'm an ass whole due to the fact many people refer to me as such, so i suppose if everyone thinks i am something, then it must be true. Nooooo. free shows are what "r4wks mi s4wks!1!!!1!21!nine", and oreos. god damn, i love oreos. hmm.. what am i writing about again? oh yea, me... fuck. ok, i love high places such as my roof, playing in the rain, and i think disney movies kick ass[or at least the "old school" ones did]. i enjoy styling hair and dressing my friends up to take photographs of them. FRIENDS was a rather annoying show, apart from the episode where that Pheobe chick meets her boyfriends parents. that made me giggle. ANYWAYS, gay rights kick ass. Armor for sleep was the last show i went to. and i'm eating pop rocks right now. oh la la!
what makes you dinolicious?: i eat emo kids for breakfast. roar.
biggest flaw (not physical): i'm loud as fuck, and i apparently curse a lot.
best quality: does not talk shit. hooray!

10 bands (atleast): yo la tengo, the faint, the new pornographers, tegan & sara, regina spektor, enon, the ravonettes, halifax, rilo kiley, action action, bleeding through, the bravery, applied communications, the futureheads
5 movies (atleast): eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, alice in wonderland, i <3 huckabee, rock and roll highschool, office space, dear pillow
3 books: hard love, breakfast of champions, better than running at night
TV shows: the young ones, family guy
Mmmm. cereal: Mmmm. Skittles for breakfast.
stores: Toy Joy, Black Fly, Buffalo Exchange

how did you hear about dino_x_core? (if by a member, leave username): i was browsing LJ search and just found a link. yup.
make us smile. pronto:
joke. now. please. thanks: a family of tomatos are walking down the street. a papa tomato, a mama tomato and a baby tomato. the baby tomato starts to fall behind and the papa tomato gets really angry, so he stomped back to his kid, squishes him and says, "catch up".
2 promos:
atleast 4 pictures:
getting ass raped at rocky horror
looking up?
shea & i
paint us a dinosaur. 123 go: dinosaur thing?

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